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Investor Relations for Micro, Small and Midcap Companies

What to expect from professional Investor Relations services?

  • Public companies are obliged to comply with laws, rules and regulations issued and continuously updated by numerous International and National lawmakers and bodies including the stock exchanges themselves. Disclosure requirements are among the most laborious items in this portfolio of duties. Annual and quarterly reports, disclosure of insider information and important milestones, press releases and inquiries have to be managed, written, harmonized with the current state of your overall capital market story, and distributed to the respective target audiences. HILFREICH IR has an impressive track record of helping companies to come to grip with those duties and making them a flexible instrument to advocate their messages.

  • Institutional investors and retail shareholders, analysts and journalists, stakeholders of all sorts approach your company – and you want to make sure that your story is conveyed to the right people with the right results. Based on its own network HILFREICH IR assists in building your reputation and establishing close cooperation with the relevant target groups – ensuring that you are aware of any of their concerns and expectations and that the public in general and your target groups in particular are aware of your strategy and positioning.

  • HILFREICH IR draws the conclusions from this dialogue for the communication strategy and advises the company’s management regarding strategic decisions by outlining the expected reaction of investors.

  • HILFREICH IR organizes general meetings, roadshows, investor days, participation in capital market conferences and company visits of investors.
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